Welcome to a Summer of Sexual Pleasure

Hello Sunshine, we’re taking off our clothes and gettin’ frisky. You feel us? They layers are shed; time to get physical. 

This summer, Shedoesthecity is on a mission to ensure that women in the GTA have as many pleasureful moments as possible. Especially since we recently discovered that when it comes to our sex lives, women are getting the short end of the dick-stick.

Durex recently conducted a survey with 1500 Canadian male and female adults, and the results revealed that men achieve orgasms a whole lot more in heterosexual relationships than women do. OH, really? WHAT A SURPRISE.

Here are the not so sexy facts:

61% of men questioned achieve orgasm every time they engage in sexual activity, compared to 24% of women. 

94% of men questioned think it’s important that their partner orgasm during sex; however, only 46% of women are completely satisfied with how often they orgasm.

82% of men expect to orgasm every time they engage in sexual activity, compared to 47% of women.


In the video above, April and Jen discuss the imperative need to flip these stats. WOMEN: we want you to have more orgasms. 

Here’s what we think the issues are:

For most women, penetration doesn’t equal orgasm, and for whatever reason, other sexual activities aren’t being prioritized.

Women’s bodies are different than men’s, and for many of us, having an orgasm takes a little more work. (But it’s fun work!)

Couples aren’t comfortable talking about what they want.

You’re dating a self-centered jerk. (We’ve been there!) 

We cannot help you with point #4, but we think that Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel can help with the first three (pairs nicely with Durex Intense Orgasmic Condoms and Durex Intense Bullet, which make up the rest of Durex’s new Intense Orgasmic range). The Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel is designed specifically for female pleasure…meaning it’s all about that clitoral stimulation! All you need is a few drops to feel warming, cooling or tingling sensations that will help to intensify your big moment. Sign me up!

The thing about adding gels, toys or other extras into your sex life is that they will inevitably help you have conversations of what you want/need. If talking about your sex life is tricky, use this as a catalyst for the convo! Pull out the Durex Intense Gel or Bullet from your drawer, show him and say, “I got this for us to try.” We promise it will help “lubricate” the convo. 

Since 48% of Canadians agree that orgasms make them feel happier, why not kick off a summer of lovin’ by introducing a few sensual items that will allow you to feel all the tingly feelings!?

This post and video were generously sponsored by Durex, but the thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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