Festival fashion gets a bad rap – truly innovative ensembles get ignored because some patrons decide to wear other people’s cultures as costumes in the form of bindis and feathered war bonnets.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! You can still look cute, dance your ass off, and make new friends without being insensitive. You’re still going to sweat though, so pull out your finest mesh ensemble and that water bottle holster from last year. We’ve teamed up with the outfitters for this year’s Digital Dreams festival to bring you some pointers for looking your best.

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If you haven’t encountered your fellow Torontonians walking around wearing Toronto VS Everybody t-shirts, what’s the rent like on that rock you’ve been hiding under? The shirts are the handiwork of Peace Collective, a local label that donates a hefty chunk of their profits to local charities and development programs. Their most notable partnership is with Canadian charity Breakfast for Learning, an organization that provides children with the energy they need to stay alert and engaged throughout the school day. Everything that bears their tag this year is unisex: the hoodies, t-shirts, and tank tops are designed to be worn by all genders. Try pairing the neutrally coloured tops with something bright or patterned (or both, who are we to judge?) on the bottom.


Count to three and then yell the coolest, most fun thing you can think of. SUN SAFETY! Okay, so maybe yours is a bit different than my suggestion, but you’ll never be able to do yours if you’ve got heatstroke and a burn. That’s why Digital Dreams paired up with TEAMLTD to protect your head from the rays. It’s hard to traverse one city block in the downtown core without seeing at least five people in snapbacks, as the streetwear trend has dovetailed nicely with a spike in civic pride. At least these don’t bear any embarrassing “6ix” monikers on them.

Since the music festival is outdoors, sunglasses and heaps of sunscreen aren’t a bad idea either. Plan for high temps, and leave heavy costumes at home. You don’t want to be that furry passed out in Medical Tent #3, missing out on the fun you paid for. Opt for clothes that you can move in that don’t hold too much sentimental value. Here are some foolproof fits:

  • Dresses. While they may be thought of as fussy, a simple day dress is the easiest thing to wear anywhere because you slip one on and your outfit is done. Pair them with sneakers for the comfiest look.

  • Denim shorts and a bodysuit. Ditch the purse and put your phone in your pockets – it’ll make dancing that much easier.

  • Maxi skirt and crop top. This is the festival version of a red carpet gown, but somebody has to stunt all over everyone else.

Bud Light Digital Dreams (July 2nd and 3rd) is the largest EDM festival in Canada. Hosted at The Flats at Ontario Place, it’s accessible by TTC and GO transit.

Pictured above: sunglasses by Wildfox, water bottle by Ban.do.