We asked you to tell us your favourite summer flavours, and you responded. Lemonade was the clear winner (it made the list for 71% of you) with barbecued corn, watermelon and S’mores tied for second place. Coming in third? A dead heat between ice cream, potato salad, and strawberries. The biggest loser? Ball park nachos. No love. You also gave us some suggestions we missed, read them below! Also: we’re hungry. 

“Limeade and Green Kool-Aid!” 

“Dolce Gelato on College!” 


“Fresh wild blueberries with greek yoghurt!”
-Kathleen O’Toole

“Pint of beer!” 

-Jess Collins

“Mint and lemon! Mmmm”
-Amanda Sasha P.

“San Pellegrino.” 

“I’m more of a boiled corn girl.”