Labour day is upon us, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll pack as much summer as humanly possible into those last, precious three days. Here, we’ve aggregated a summer’s worth of SDTC fun. Consider this your ultimate checklist. See you on the other side.

1. Fill your home with fresh flowers.

2. Head to Queen East for drinks.

3. Serve up patio-perfect lychee sangria.

4. Spend the afternoon with a stack of magazines.

5. Go to all the hidden patios.

6. Steal some free air-conditioning and make a bowl. Or is it a vase?

7. Sip a summer-thyme cocktail.

8. Sing in the rain.

9. Relive summers’ past with a nostalgic play-list.

10. Hit up a food market and make a fresh feast.

11. Send your summer crush a sexy selfie.

12. Host a BBQ! Crash a BBQ! 

13. Bike everywhere.

14. Turn an old t-shirt into a tank top. 

15. Head to Montreal for the weekend.

16. Remind yourself that just because it’s the last summer weekend, you don’t get a pass from being sun-safe! 

17. Pick up a bottle of wine and play hooky.

18. Try some of Anne’s summer make-up tips. 

19. Make a DIY hair-bow clip. 

20. Catch the last of the free outdoor movie screenings!

21. Wear short-shorts. 

22. Toast Bey with Drunk-in-Love Jello Shots.

23. Stay cool.

24. Go to a Jays’ game.

25. Find a summer fling! 

26. Run around town in a flower crown. 

27. Take cinnamon s’more jars to the beach, park or cottage.

28. Read some YA Fiction in the sun.

29. Go to Chicago. 

30. Go to Boston.

31. Give your sunglasses a rosy outlook.

32. Head to St. Clair West for a meal.

33. Try a braid nest. 

34. Make spiked lavender lemonade.