Tea: the BEST simple pleasure in winter. A peaceful moment in a cup, even. My love affair with tea is like, truly loving. Not like coffee, which I love too, but I can’t get enough of it. Hence, this weekend I will be cultivating the former relationship at the fifth annual Toronto Tea Fest! Here’s what you can expect to do there:

Learn “how to tea” right from the pros. Presentations throughout the weekend will teach Tea 101, Tea Blending, The Art of Tasseomancy (tea leaf reading) facilitated by a pro tea leaf reader, and Sartorial Tea, on how style and fashion trends have influenced tea. If you’re into tea culture, these are the people you’ll want to learn from.

Taste teas with tea sommeliers. Book some time with a certified tea pro and discover the finer points of teas from the six major categories (green, white, yellow, oolong, black, and Pu’er). See how tea differs based on place of origin and preparation style.

Participate in Korean-, Japanese-, and Chinese-style tea ceremonies. Take a cultural journey in tea flavours at the formal ceremonies hosted by certified tea teachers that specialize in each traditional style.

Sample and stock up on hundreds of tea blends. Winter ain’t over yet, friends. Find a new favourite blend from one of the local or international exhibitors and stock up.

Toronto Tea Festival takes place Saturday January 28 and January 29, 10–5 PM at Toronto Reference Library (Appel Salon, 2nd floor, 789 Yonge St.)

Click here for a complete listing of the Toronto Tea Festival events and get tickets in advance ($15/day or $25/two days).