Click your heels, close your eyes and chant “There’s no place like Holts, there is no place like Holts.” That was the theme of the Holt Renfrew Spring/Summer fashion show at LGFW and we loved it because it got our imagination wandering, to a place where we suddenly had 10,000 dollars in our chequing account to splurge on gorgeous apparel for the ultimate wardrobe come April. And then we started to imagine, “Gee, if I could fill my closet with anything from Holts, what would I choose?” AND THEN, we conceived a super fun quiz, “Which designer at Holts is most you?” Play along and let’s keep this dream alive.

You would describe your style as:

A) Modern and sophisticated
B) Glamorous and playful
C) Polished but cute
D) One-of-a-kind
E) Artistic and complex
F) Classic beauty

Your style icon is:

A) Catherine Deneuve
B) Katy Perry
C) Blake Lively
D) Madonna
E) Tilda Swinton
F) Audrey Hepburn

The best style compliment you could receive is:

A) You are a strong and captivating woman
B) You are so effing edgy and cool
C) You always look so together, no matter where I run into you
D) I love you because you are kind of zany
E) You look like a model ripped from the pages of a Purple magazine
F) You should be cast in a film as the leading lady who owns a winning racehorse

Your ideal living space would be:

A) Upper West Side Penthouse
B) A loft in London’s Soho
C) A Rosedale Victorian that has been renovated to have a modern and airy feel
D) A Montreal apartment that is the BEST for hosting eclectic dinner parties
E) An industrial factory turned loft in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg
F) A gorgeous farmhouse in Wales

Your perfect Saturday night would be:

A) Taking a floatplane for a candlelit lobster dinner on a Muskoka dock
B) Dinner at the Eiffel Tower followed by a ride on the carousel, sharing cotton candy with a loved one
C) Twelve best friends, good tunes, great food and many bottles of red wine
D) A circus act in your living room
E) The sweatiest, raunchiest dance party that has you ripping off your clothes and smooching in a dirty bathroom, at the end of the night, you are swimming in a strange man’s indoor pool and accepting an invite to a weekend in Iceland
F) A night at the opera followed by hot sex on the kitchen table- Meow 

Mostly As – You are best dressed in Dennis Merotto
You are a strong, sophisticated and modern woman. Dare we say, handsome? When you walk through the airport, we can tell you live debt free, sleep in fine linen and buy your meat from the Healthy Butcher. You always win on the squash court and never leave the house without your hair looking perfectly blown. You sit on some board at The ROM and drive a BMW that always looks like it came straight from the car wash. Good for you.

Mostly Bs- You are best dressed in TwentyCluny
If you were a gift basket, we’d call you “Luxury Party…in a basket.” You are fun, vibrant, daring and are the best person to invite to a balls out karaoke night. At a gala, you glitter from the inside and always know how to make us laugh. You also love fluffy Pomeranians and lose all will power at a colourful candy bar. 

Mostly Cs – You are best dressed in Smythe
Rachel McAdams, Whitney Port, Kate Middleton and you. Polished style that isn’t girly but still feminine. You keep your files organized and your hands are always well manicured. We call you when we want a best friend to shoot the shit with or if we need a brain to pick about our next big idea.

Mostly Ds – You are best dressed in Denis Gagnon
We love your stories because they are wacky. You live on the wild side and we feel comfortable sharing with you when we think we might want to try something kinky in the bedroom. You are a one of a kind individual who gets remembered and you always surprise us with your creative talents.

Mostly Es – You are best dressed in Jeremy Laing
Man, you are so fucking cool. We used to think you were a little cold but then that one time, we got drunk together and you turned out to be the most sincere, intelligent and bold girl we know. You work hard, play hard and are a mystery that has other girls wondering what you write in your diary.

Mostly Fs – You are best dressed in Lida Baday
You are a classic beauty who lives life to the fullest. Graceful, poised and curious: your journey is a wonderful novel that we one day hope to read. Although you have suffered heartache, you pull yourself up and become stronger with every challenge that comes you way.  

Well, that was fun. Who knew a fashion show could evoke so many visions of an imagined life? Now if only we had that extra wad of cash to splurge. A girl can dream!