It’s only fair that I preface this article by letting you know that it was a struggle to write. I found it very difficult to will myself to divulge this particular secret, even though I knew it was for the greater good. I’m not a totally vain twat, but I’d be lying if I told you that I was growing tired of people telling me how beautiful my eyes look. Little do they know that what they perceive as a win in the gene pool is actually the greatest aesthetician service on earth. Yes, I have eyelash extensions; over eighty on each eye in fact. They are made of faux mink and are adhered with medical grade glue to each and every single one of my own far less impressive eyelashes. Sexy, right?

I was looking for a way to wear less makeup without looking like I was sleepwalking through my day and decided to give them a shot. After the first application I was hooked. Now, a handful of refills later, despite the seemingly unnecessary cost, I can’t stop. I WON’T STOP. For the first time since elementary school I feel comfortable leaving my home with a totally bare face, not embarrassed to be seen by strangers and friends alike. Eyelash extensions make everything better, like cuddling with freshly bathed puppies and sequins.

So why faux mink, one might ask? It’s the lightest and most cost effective material to use. Ladies like J.Lo and the knocked up Kardashian use actual brushed mink, but unless you’ve made your fortune by being an adequate triple threat or by headlining a poorly produced sex tape and mocking the sanctity of marriage, respectfully, you may need to take out a second mortgage on your home to keep up.

As far as the process goes, it’s far less scary than it might seem. The initial application is two hours, but the refills take up to an hour only. You lay down and your bottom lashes get taped down to prevent glue from getting on them. Your eyes remain closed for the entire process as eyelashes are applied with tweezers and then curled. Most people actually sleep right though it. The only annoying thing is that you can’t get your lashes wet in the first 24 hours after application (that’s how long the glue needs to properly set) so you must abstain from hot yoga and rom-coms for the rest of the day. Maintenance is pretty simple too. You need to avoid oil based make-up and cleansers which shorten the lifespan of lashes and break down the bonds. Besides that, life goes on as usual!

Make sure you go to a reputable salon as there are plenty of mega sketchy ones out there! If the price is too good to be true, it is. The glue shouldn’t burn, nor should it ever be applied to your skin directly. The eyelashes should be attached 1mm from the root. As well, avoid places that promise to be finish your first application in under an hour. This means that they’re attaching bunches of lashes at a time. While this might be okay for a one-time experiment, long term it’ll put too much weight on your own lashes and can cause permanent damage.

I can’t recommend my aesthetician enough. Her name is Yulia and she does eyelash extensions exclusively, which means she’s gotten to be super good at it! She charges $150 for the initial application and $50 for refills (every two weeks) or $70 for refills (every 3 weeks). If you’re lucky, she’ll play Russian pop music during your appointment and catch you up on missed Gossip Girl episodes. She really is the best. You can check out her facebook page for LashLook Eyelash Extensions here  for more info and some ‘mazing before and after pics.