I have something to say that is a little controversial. Some people might even find it upsetting. But it has to be said. I hate summer. I hate summer and also I think that fall is infinitely better. I enjoyed summer for years, but that was back when I was seven and could spend all day playing in a sprinkler on my parents’ lawn—an act which somehow becomes unseemly when you’re in your twenties.

Now I find myself slogging through each day. The moment I step outside, I feel like I’m in a steam bath. I dread my daily hot, sweaty streetcar ride during which I will inevitably be squished up against someone else’s hot, sweaty body. And after waiting so long to spend time outdoors, I find myself literally getting sick from the heat (you totally needed to know that) and instead trying to take refuge in any place that has A/C. I do my best to enjoy summer, but mostly it has left me a hot mess who needs to shower twice a day.

But soon that will all be over. Because it won’t be long before the air gets a little cooler and the leaves start to change colour and I will need to pull on a cardigan before leaving the house. There are so many things I love about fall that it’s hard to pin them all down (shameless self-promotion: I even have an autumn-themed Tumblr). But my favourite thing has to be the colours. I love all the burnt oranges, fiery reds, bright yellows, and deep browns that take over the streets. If you go for a walk in a park on a sunny day, the leaves get a beautiful glowing effect that just isn’t matched by summer’s greenery.

What else is great about fall? Well, there’s pumpkin spice everything. Some people just go for lattes, but personally I choose to make as many pumpkin-flavoured sweets as possible, including but not limited to cheesecake, muffins, pancakes, and cupcakes. And you can’t forget about warm apple cider, butternut squash soup, and all other manner of food and drink that is made specifically to warm and comfort you as the air gets colder. 

Speaking of cold air, that’s another thing I enjoy. Fall is great because it’s an in-between season. It doesn’t have the harsh cold of winter or the extreme heat of summer. I love feeling the air get crisp and cool, and putting on fuzzy socks and big snuggly sweaters. It’s that perfect time of year to enjoy a walk in the nearby cemetery and really appreciate the mild atmosphere.

And, of course, I can’t talk about fall without mentioning Halloween. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with Halloween, but I am. I could carve pumpkins till my hands get raw and sore, I never tire of passing out candy to kids, and I love thinking up new costumes to wear. I love that as Halloween approaches, it becomes more acceptable to talk about ghosts, tell spooky stories, and generally try to scare the crap out of everyone around you. In a weird way, I think that Halloween makes everyone a little more spiritual as they start to ponder death, the existence of ghosts, and the possibility of other realms.

I have to admit that I might be a little bit biased in all of this. I am an October baby and I love that October brings about the ultimate fall trifecta of Thanksgiving, my birthday, and Halloween all within a few weeks of each other. Nevertheless, while everyone else laments the loss of summer, I will be baking and cooking up a storm, watching Hocus Pocus on loop, and enjoying the sound of leaves crunching under my feet as I walk through the Toronto Necropolis. Happy fall, everyone!