Win Tickets to Toronto’s Dinér En Blanc

Guess what? We have two tickets to give away to one of the most coveted outdoor dining series in the world! If you’ve never been, prepare to be wowed by the beauty and whimsy that is Dîner en Blanc.

Originally launched in Paris in 1988, the coveted dining experience now sprawls over five continents, attracting 15,000 participants each year; Toronto’s event is expected to bring together over 2,000 elegant diners!

Equal parts secret dinner club and cultural phenomenon, Dîner en Blanc thrills every step of the way, from the mystery of the location (which is kept secret until a few hours before the event) to the entertainment, meticulous planning and surreal all-white aesthetic.

There are a few rules that are expected of the guests, who must:

  • wear all white attire
  • bring their own table (complete with white table setting) and two white chairs
  • pre-order a picnic basket or pack their own gourmet meals
  • bring Champagne and/or beer. No hard liquor.


We want to send you and a friend to Toronto’s Dîner en Blanc on Thursday August 27th! Our winner will receive an option to select two of four meals (menus were created by Chef Bradley Yip of Gourmet Cuisine), as well as two complimentary bottles of wine provided by Charlie’s Burgers Wine program.

To enter, tweet: “Hi @Shedoesthecity, I would love an elegant evening in the city, please send me to Dîner en Blanc! #DEBTO2015

Winner will be announced at 4pm on August 19st, 2015.

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