Since its inception one year ago, Liel & Lentz  has been continually growing and expanding. I met with the founders and friends, Maggie and Diandra, to learn more about them and their jewelry.

These Oakville natives decided to use their passions to create a business together; so after a lifetime of friendship, they became partners. With Maggie using her extensive design background and Diandra’s business savvy nature, the two seem to balance each other perfectly. The balancing act doesn’t just help run the business either; their different styles are brought together to create pieces that are both classic and eclectic.

Three words to describe the style of Liel and Lentz? Architectural, Organic (but not in the hippie-dippie way) and a-mix-of-classic-and-contemporary.

What’s in a name? Phonetically spelled, Lee-elle and Lentz, was created out of pieces of the Maggie and Diandra’s last names. They picked it both because of this meaning and with the intention of something that could be expanded beyond women and jewelry. These entrepreneurs are slowly spreading themselves across the country and the globe.

A few things drew me in to this jewelry when I first saw it. First, their use of wood, which was a conceptual decision in which they placed wood where one would regularly find metal or stones. I also found that the pieces offered a uniqueness which was both on trend and timeless. Talking more with these magnanimous and down-to-earth ladies I learned that what I was seeing, and falling in love with, was the architectural nature of the pieces and the delicate treatment of the material, which is both local and exotic. Prices of their pieces range from $98-$500. All of the pieces are created in house and in Canada and the wood is carefully given a hand finishing process and engravings made with precision lasers.

You can find their jewelry in Toronto at The Black Box Boutique in Yorkville and in Southampton at Sisters on Huron, or it can be purchased online. For more information on their background and the collections, check out their website @

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~ Molly Grove