What if you could cut the stress and anxiety you have about money in half? How would that change your life?

Join us March 7th at Make Lemonade as Shedoesthecity’s Editor-in-Chief, Jen McNeely, leads a discussion with Shannon Lee Simmons, founder of The New School of Finance and author of Worry-Free Money: The Guilt-Free Approach To Managing Your Money and Your Life, about gaining control over your personal finances. Expect honest and candid sharing that will help you feel empowered…maybe even a little excited to grow your net worth. (Guys, Excel can be exciting.)

Hitting shelves last month, Worry-Free Money has already received critical praise by economists and book reviewers alike:

“What separates this book from all the others is real insight on how people interact with money. Practical, readable, fresh advice,” writes Rob Carrick, Personal Finance columnist at The Globe and Mail. Sandra Hanna, CEO of Smart Cookies, hails it as a saving grace to the all-too-common household money feuds. “If you’re ready to end the financial drama and feel good about your money, you need this book. Immediately.”

We couldn’t agree more and hope this evening acts as a kick-start to providing you with new ways to think about money–how to organize it, gain control of it, and learn to love it–and practical solutions to break old habits and form new ones; guests are encouraged to come with their own questions. Shannon’s book will be for sale at the event.

Knowing how money woes can impact our self-confidence, our stability, our relationships–EVERYTHING–we’re excited to host this and hope it invigorates a renewed sense of energy to address your money concerns head-on.

Do this: it’s an investment in yourself and your bank account.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 / 7pm / $20

Get your tickets on Eventbrite now. Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards Shedoesthecity’s #BehindEveryWoman campaign with United Way.