Aspiring YouTubers, listen up! If you’ve been looking to boost the creative content on your YouTube channel while networking with industry professionals, your life is about to CHANGE! (Okay, let’s not go overboard.)

This week saw the opening of YouTube Space Toronto, a creative industry incubator to connect fellow YouTubers in a collaborative setting.

Designed with the future generation of YouTube artists and entertainers in mind, this cozy hub offers workshops and programming at no cost to creators who are looking to build their channels, giving them hands-on experience to enable them to innovate and experiment.

In the past, YouTubers had to seek out facilities LA or New York to take advantage of this community offering. Now with a new location at George Brown College’s Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology, creators can learn from industry experts and work with state-of-the-art equipment to create more ambitious and innovative video content.

YouTube Space Toronto is located at Richmond and Sherbourne.