Cute Toronto Stores For Cards and Last-Minute Gifts

It’s your best friend’s birthday and you’re on the way to her party without a gift. You forgot to buy your parents an anniversary present. What on earth do you get your boss during the holiday season?

If you, like me, let yourself get so stumped by gift-giving that you dust off items from your own shelf and shove them into random cloth grocery bags as gifts at the last minute, it’s time to check out these stores.

The Paper Place (887 Queen St. W.)
If you need to send a cute thank-you note, original party invitation, or want to wrap your gift in beautifully patterned wrapping paper, you will find all the supplies you need here. The Paper Place is bright, original, and adorable.

Write Impressions  (1515 Bayview Ave.)
Looking for higher-quality gifts? This place does not mess around. You will find beautifully-crafted paper, stationery, and luxurious gifts. Give yourself a bigger budget here, you’ll want to use it.

Easy Tiger Goods (1447 Dundas St. W.)
From beard maintenance to jewellery to candles you’ll want to smell all day, this is the perfect place to pick up a housewarming gift.

TOWN (1187 Bloor St.)
TOWN has an incredible selection of cards, gift wrap, and gifts, as well as a rarity—cool, non-embarrassing Toronto postcards. Send a “Wish You Were Here” note to be proud of, then buy some temporary tattoos and be the hero of your niece’s 9th birthday.

The Papery (1424 Yonge St.)
Go into this store for one thing, come out with gifts for friends you didn’t even remember you had. Be prepared to covet all the oddities on offer, and there are many. Whether it be unique paper products that are hard to find elsewhere, a hilarious greeting card or a simple journal, give yourself time to talk yourself in and out of several impulse purchases based on the adorable selection.

Blue Banana (250 Augusta Ave.)
Give yourself time to get lost in this Kensington classic. The Blue Banana is biiiig. If you’re stopping in to pick up a quick card, put blinders on—this place is chock-full of kitsch that makes for great presents (see also: presents for yourself).

Likely General (389 Roncesvalles Ave.)
The perfect place to shop for everyone, from your niece to your mother-in-law to your brother’s new girlfriend to yourself.

Blackbird Vintage Finds (55 Mill St.)
Shopping for someone special? Blackbird Vintage Finds carries a selection of original and vintage jewellery and ornaments that make fabulous gifts. The person you’re shopping for will definitely know you’ve put some thought into their gift. Grab a handmade greeting card on your way out, and you’re good to go.

Cards and Presents (245 Queen St. W.)
This store has saved me at the last minute many times. The selection of affordable and original handmade jewellery combined with a unique card selection makes this place a one-stop-shop for last minute gifts (for those of us who love to live dangerously), or just a great place to shop for yourself!

Kid Icarus (205 Augusta Ave.)
Another Kensington staple, Kid Icarus is home to handmade cards from local vendors, craft supplies, knitted treasures and more. Plus, you can give the gift of experience with a crafty in-house workshop!

Outer Layer (577 Queen St. W.)
Notebooks, books, household items, fancy toiletries, you name it! This adorable store has you covered when it comes to getting in and out and to your party on time with a present that the person who receives it will be delighted to open.

Labour of Love (242 Carlton St.)
Whether you’re shopping for an old friend or a distantly-related family member you barely know, this store carries a cool selection of jewellery, handbags, knick knacks and cards. You will undoubtedly walk away with just the right present for each and every person you’re shopping for.

These stores exist for people like us, who get stumped by every gift-giving occasion. Plus, they’re so cute and fun to wander around in. Next time you’re agonizing over what to give the people in your life for Christmas/Birthdays/Valentine’s Day/Thanksgiving(??)/Anniversaries, stop your fretting and head into one of these shops. They’ll take care of you!

Got a fave place you don’t see here? Tell us in the comments! We <3 Your Tipz!

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  1. TMar
    September 4, 2014

    scout in Roncesvalles is also a fantastic place for amazing cards, funky local and handmade gifts, and the neatest jewelry! Check it out!

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