By Dilys Tong
Sew Be It Studio

This Halloween show your evil side by wrapping your dog in an egg and bacon. Forget the typical princess or witch costume, step outside the box and make this ridiculously cute and easy costume for the pooch. In half an hour, your breakfast combo pooch is served. Don’t forget the milk bone to reward your dog for being a good sport.

You will need:

    ½ M of cream fleece

    ½ M of burgundy or dark red fleece

    1 piece of white felt

    1 piece of yellow felt

    Small amount of fibrefill to stuff the egg yolk

    Matching color thread

    10” of ¼” wide white elastic

    5” of 1” wide Velcro


This costume is designed for small dogs. If your dog is a larger breed, please make sure to make the necessary adjustments.

Bacon part:

    Cut the cream fleece approximately 44” long, 2 ½” wide. It shouldn’t be a perfect rectangle. If you cut the cream strip free hand, it will make the edges uneven and appear organic.

    Cut 2 narrow strips in red fleece. Just think of the red part of the real bacon. It should be uneven in width.

Egg part:

    Cut the white felt using the egg white template

    Cut the yellow felt using the egg yolk template


Step 1: Stitching the red strips to the cream part

    Lay the red strips on the cream surface, secure the placement with pins. Note: Your red strip placement shouldn’t look like two red straight strips. Just think bacon.

    Using the zigzag stitch, sew the red strips to the cream surface.

Step 2: Velcro

    Wrap the bacon strip around the body of the dog to mark the placement of the Velcro.

    Stitch the Velcro in place.

Step 3: Fried egg hat

    Stitch the yellow yolk piece to the egg white piece with the zigzag stitch. Make sure you leave an opening for the stuffing.

    Insert the fibrefill to the egg yolk.

    Stitch the elastic to one side of the egg white.

    Check the elastic length on the dog’s head to make sure it’s the right length. Cut off extra if necessary. Make sure the elastic is snug, but not too tight.

    Stitch the other end of the elastic to the egg white.

You are done. Put on your costume and enjoy trick and treating with your pooch in style.