We’re getting super excited for the theatrical release of After The Ball. To celebrate, we’re profiling some of our favourite fashion bloggers from across Canada. We started on the West Coast with Vancouver’s Alex Grant of To Vogue or Bust, met Amy Nelson, founder of the whimsical Flying A Kite, and today we talk to Janis Galloway, founder of Dress Me Dearly. Janis is based in Edmonton.

SDTC: When trying to break into the fashion industry, what’s the best way to make a first impression?

Janis Galloway: Be different and offer the market something it doesn’t already have. My growth as a fashion blogger all stemmed from the fact that I focused on my city – Edmonton. No one else was covering the Edmonton fashion scene at the time, so I was able to carve out a niche for myself that provided me many opportunities. There are millions of people working in the industry, you have to figure out what’s special about you and run with it.

What are the most important things that allow some emerging fashion designers to rise above the rest?

In design, the key is again – offering something that no one else is – and business smarts. I know so many talented designers who will never make it, because they don’t have the business side figured out. If you want to succeed, you have to take it seriously as a business and either learn how to run that business or hire someone who does.

When trying to describe the fashion trends of 2015 to the next generation, what do you think you will say?

We’re in a very interesting time of fashion right now – I feel like we’re all dressing like Star Trek characters – it’s the future! I would say minimalism is the greatest characteristic of our style right now. I can look around the room and there is barely any colour, any embellishment. Black, white and grey, or raw fabric are dominant. It’s all about clean lines, and looking effortless.

How does one figure out their own unique style? 

I think people dwell on this too often. I’m always asked to describe my “style”. It’s always changing and that’s OK. The funnest part of fashion is it allows you to be a chameleon. Don’t put yourself in a box as it limits your expression. If you want to be Betty Draper one day and Sporty Spice the next – go for it.


After The Ball is a modern-day fairytale set in the world of fashion. If someone asked you to describe your Fairytale Fashion story, what would it be?

My ultimate fashion fairytale (and what I’m currently working on) is to run a fashion focused communications agency that specializes in assisting emerging brands and designers with branding, marketing and media relations. Not many people know I worked in marketing and PR for about a decade in the non-profit sector, and I would like to use those skills to cheerlead Canadian artists and designers.

What are you most happy wearing?

I’m most happy wearing a knee-length cotton dress. It’s the ultimate comfort to throw on and walk out the door. I find dresses the essential “no-fuss” wardrobe piece.

Who are your style icons?

I’ve always admired women who pull of elegant simplicity. Audrey Hepburn is a great example. Everything she wore was incredibly basic, but tailored to perfection. You barely noticed her clothing because it’s simplicity allowed her to shine through. Her clothing never overpowered her, nor was it revolutionary in any way, but she’ll always be considered a great style inspiration.

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