Road-tripping to Montreal just became about more than croissants and bottles of wine purchased from the convenient store. From hand-picked vintage dresses to their mod-inspired whimsical in-house label, Lustre Boutique is an inspiring trip through the fashion fantastic. This spring, their line is based in that most mythical and delicious of fashion personalities-The Muse. From leggy ladies with preternatural elegance to tiny, tempestuous fashion-forward femme fatales, behind every great fashion moment is a strong woman with an inspiring style. With a collection firmly rooted in 1960’s silhouettes, Lustre Boutique has created the prefect dresses for Spring. Pair them with any of the fantastic vintage jewellery and accessories in their St. Laurent boutique, and you’ll feel pretty muse-worthy yourself.

Lustre Boutique, 4429 Boulevard St. Laurent, Montreal