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My boyfriend and I have really enjoyed each other’s company this summer. This could be because he’s so impossibly cute, or maybe because I’m so darn sweet, or, more likely, because we have both been so fucking drunk.

Yes, that’s right, we’ve been dipping into the sauce A LOT this summer. Well hell, we drink our faces off pretty much every summer, but the difference has been that we’ve spent much more time then usual being drunk when it’s just the two of us. Some would say this is because we’re on the road to co-dependent alcoholism, but personally I think it has actually been a good thing for our relationship. I have a habit of always being in a hurry, but sitting out on our back deck, drinking lots and lots of Brava while laughing and talking and then laughing some more has made me step back and realize just how much fun I have with this wonderful man.

In fact, the last time we were drinking we made up a mock wedding invite list for our maybe-possibly-one-day-wedding. We talked about the bigger picture (fun and casual, medium sized) and even a few choice details (summer wedding, on his family’s farm). Now, if I can only get him to discuss this while sober…

Another time he bet me 50 bucks I wouldn’t streak across our backyard (it was 2 in the afternoon – we had some drinks with lunch and never really stopped). I told him to show me the money, during which he admitted he only had a $10 bill on him. I grabbed the cash, stripped down, and stealthy snuck to the end of our property and back (all the while on the lookout for our adorable seventy-nine year old Irish neighbor who’s often out in her backyard, chattering with the squirrels). The result was several pictures of me army-crawling across the backyard, and a lot of laughter whenever my boyfriend and I recall it.

Then there was the time he had a fit of the giggles, and everything was the funniest thing in the world to him. He ended the night passed out by the computer while I tickled his feet.

I don’t know what the fall will bring, but I do know that this summer was one of the most enjoyable in our relationship yet. The booze was nice, but spending more time together while really letting loose has been the real intoxication.