Makers of the World, Unite! Etsy Resolution Is Here

It’s a common refrain of creatives; they feel weird about marketing themselves. If you make great stuff, but lack the expertise/confidence to put yourself out there, you need to change that.

If this is the year you’ve decided to take a leap and turn your creative ingenuity into a new career, Etsy Resolution wants to help you succeed. Their new, FREE, step-by-step online mentorship program begins January 30th. It is designed to help makers flex their creative muscles and find the confidence and skills to turn their everyday passions and creations into a booming online business.

You’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge in developing key entrepreneurial skills; from learning how to incorporate product photography, to marketing and search engine optimization – you’ll be given every opportunity to launch beautifully curated shops paved for success.

You can do it! Sign up here and make 2017 your Year of the Maker.

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