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Six Perfect Scrunchies to Give You Cressida Bonas Style

Scrunchies are back in style and the revival appears to be, in part, due to Prince Harry’s girlfriend Cressida Bonas. She owns an armful of them to hold her flowing blonde locks in place; images of her and her scrunchies abound. Look, there’s Cressida out for a night on the town—with a scrunchie! Here she is with a plate of french fries—and a scrunchie! And here she is dining with Princess Eugenie, with—guess what—a scrunchie in her hair. And Cressie’s not the only one. Gone are the days of Carrie Bradshaw scrunchie-shaming out-of-towners on SATC. Scrunchies are BACK in a big way.

I like the revival. When I was in junior high during the 90’s, I loved a good scrunchie so much that I made some at home, sewing up tons of them in multiple fabrics.  They were handy for my perm/out of control hair phase (it was the 90’s, remember). Now that I’m a freelance writer and I’ve traded in my suits for sweats they fit in perfectly with my Less is More aesthetic/general hobo vibes.

Cressida’s choice in hair accessory has spawned a web full of options from designer to bargain bin.  Here are some of the best:

Small Spot Scrunchie ($4, Topshop)

Clarissa Green Leather Scrunchie ($22, Rock ‘N Rose)

Burgundy Velvet Scrunchie ($7, American Apparel)

Etta Print Scrunchie ($32, Marc by Marc Jacobs)

Grey with Silk Effects Béatrice Scrunchie ($15, KimbDeland)

Plaid Scrunchie ($3.90, Garage)


Haha! Maybe I will! If only I would have saved the drawer full of them from my youth…