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9 Gift Ideas for the girl who loves all things fashion and style

We scoured the city streets and interwebs to find totally rad gifts for the fashion lover on your list. And by “scoured the city streets and interwebs,” I mean that I just wrote down what I want for Christmas and posted it online. Friends, relatives, complete strangers, take note.

With 1500 guests sprawled on the Bayview estate, the CFC Annual BBQ felt like a free lovin' music fest. But with Louboutins not Chucks.

It was a perfect day for the Canadian Film Centre’s Annual BBQ and 1500 industry types arrived to wreck the sprawling green lawn on Bayview with ludicrous three-inch heels, us included. With buttery corn on the cob, countless Ray-Ban Wayfarers and a well positioned stage on a field, it felt like a dreamy summer music… Read More »