by Elli Stuhler

So you’d rather see an ape run Toronto than Rob Ford, but what about Tom Ford? A fake Tom Ford Twitter account has been tweeting why we should vote Tom Ford for mayor of Toronto and hell, with promises like free garment bags, getting the city mentioned in Vogue Magazine and more Sartorialist visits to TO, paint me a poster and I’m at the rally. FASHION

Prada’s runway show at Milan Fashion Week included slick coifs, a hell of a lot of stripes and a shirt that suggests dad on vacation with a banana print. Critics have called the collection "techno glam" – techno because the bold colours and glam as a euphemism for "You just spent HOW much on a tropical banana shirt?!"

Lady Madonna herself made a public appearance on Wednesday night in New York with teen offspring Lourdes to promote their Macy’s line Material Girl. Things we learned: Lourdes steals Madonna’s clothes “like all the time.” Madonna does the same. Also, confused animal activists tried to feed Taylor Momsen bamboo because her stupid eyeliner makes her look like a panda. [Refinery 29]

This is nice, Tyra Banks twitpic’ed a photo of her pimple. Verified account and all.[@TyraBanks

Remember when Brooke Shields told us that nothing could come between her and her Calvins? She recently said on Ellen that she can still fit into those very Calvin jeans from when she was 15. She zipped them up and then donated them to the Met. Just another day for Brookie. Racked

Mattel has just unveiled their News Anchor Barbie, who, with bleachy hair and a pink power suit is all set for a job behind the news desk at Fox News. The Cut

Apparently, Manolo shoes save marriages. “The male reaction to heels is half normal and half perversion, but some men tell me I’ve saved their marriage,” he says. “The first thing men look at are a woman’s legs, and there is nothing more flattering than high heels." Vogue UK