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The Dumbest Reasons Allana Has Fought With Boyfriends

I got into a very silly fight with my boyfriend this week, and after realizing that I participated in at least 50-75% of the creation of that argument (if not more), I started thinking about the reasons I’ve gotten into arguments with boyfriends in the past. I am a passionate lady with a hair-trigger temper… Read More »

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20 Pick Up Lines for Horny Feminists

I’m a single gal looking for love and I’m also a raging feminist so I meet guys really easily. When I’m itching to, you know, make some sexy time, do the funky chicken, dance the horizontal hokey pokey, partake in a Richard Gere (did I make that last one up?), I go to the club… Read More »

food poisoning heartbreak

The Similarities Between Heartache and Puking

Yesterday, as I clung to porcelain, up-chucking the entirety of an All-You-Can-Eat Korean Grill House lunch, I was struck by two things: My step mother keeps a very clean home. Kudos Lorraine! Heartache and puking are very similar. At a cursory glance: both are deeply upsetting, both were something that happened with a greater frequency… Read More »


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