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What I Learned From 60 First Dates… on Tinder

Christina Walkinshaw has had a busy year. In addition to being nominated for two Canadian Comedy awards, appearing on CTV’s Joke or Choke, and gearing up for performances at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and Toronto, she’s also been on 60 first dates. She’s Tindered for a year in 8 different world cities… Read More »


Why You’ll Never Find Closure, Period

If you’re looking for closure from a relationship, I’m telling you right now—you’re never going to find it. My friends talk about closure like it’s the closing ceremony of the Olympics. A moment when, if planned correctly, fireworks explode, everyone cheers and life-changing realizations surface. Now that you’ve both “mutually” found closure, you can magically… Read More »

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The Basic Stuff A Normal Human Person You’re Dating Should Be Doing

This is a public service announcement. Our society’s dating/loving/boinking standards are at an all-time low. We’ve become “totally super cool” with relationships that feature jerks, turds, antichrists, and people who “see” Facebook messages but do not respond ‘cause they’re not ready to have a baby with you and they assumed that your greeting of “Hey!… Read More »


The Post Break-Up High Road

The Breakup We were sitting on my couch when he said that we shouldn’t see each other anymore. The reason for the breakup was sort of expected; we were “in different places.” He was 32 and I was 23. He was looking forward to a future filled with marriage and a mortgage—probably none of these… Read More »


When You’re the Other Woman

I’ve always had a problem taking words at face value—not reading between lines, leaning heavily on my willed ignorance and calling it trust. While optimism does not come naturally to me, the often sinister world of sexual politics seemed far removed from my sex life. For years I negotiated Toronto’s nightlife, unfettered, free from expectations… Read More »


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