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Why I’m Going to Stop Overthinking My Relationships

“I wonder what he’s thinking right now?” Yes, the age old question. The question I can never wrap my brain around because I’m the girl who foolishly assumes he’s thinking whatever the hell I’m thinking—“Wow, thanks for the fuck, that was lovely. Let’s hang out more often!” If only it was this instinctive, but it… Read More »

Jess - worst relationship (1)

How I Got Out Of A Toxic Relationship

A few years back I was in a rough place. I had a job I didn’t not hate for even a millisecond. I lived in an apartment with a roommate who thought cleaning the bathroom consisted of flushing the toilet. I had zero creative endeavours on the go and sexy adult braces. I also had… Read More »

Brianne breaking up

How To Get Over A Break Up In 10 Steps

I got dumped recently. And though I may now be—finally!—ready to sport a sexy bodysuit and sashay my way back into the dating world to the soundtrack of “Single Ladies,” “Irreplaceable,” and “Independent Women Part I” (basically all of Bey’s songs), getting my Sasha Fierce on was no easy feat. I required a whole 10-step… Read More »


The Many Benefits of Being Single

I have been single for approximately a year and a half, which is the longest stretch of time that I have ever been sans boyfriend. Although, more accurately, this is the longest stretch of time that I have been sans boyfriend since I lost my virginity at 21. Prior to that, I didn’t have any… Read More »


How to Do Non-Monogamy: An Intro

We’ve covered some of thebases previously in The Poly Diaries—coming out, finding people to date via the Interwebs, etc. etc. Something else worth considering are the various ways that people DO the whole poly thing. Everyone’s a unique flower, and their dating situ will reflect that. These are a few of the different tactics I’ve… Read More »