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Being in love with someone who doesn't love you back

Being in love with someone who does not love you back

The first time I said it and someone actually said it back, I didn’t know how to react. I had become so accustomed at this point to hearing “Aw, Jess, it’s nice that you have a crush on me but unfortunately I like penises/casual sex strictly/not you.”

Why I Write Anonymously

Why I Write Anonymously

Nina White is a pseudonym. As someone who isn’t outspoken in public, I write under a different name because it gives me the elbow room to freely bitch about my 9-5 job, discuss my awkward sex life, and admit that I’m a regular at T.O’s back-alley “I drank too many cocktails” vomiting scene on Queen… Read More »

My Ancestors, Seen From The Mirror

My Ancestors, Seen From The Mirror

Kate Werneburg: “Looking into the mirror, it came to me: we are what we always have been. Maybe even down generations. There’s a comfort and a terror in that.”

How Sexting Snapped Me Out Of My Depression

How Sexting Snapped Me Out of My Depression

Brianne Hogan: “Your notes are like, little Christmas presents,” I said to him after a couple of weeks, which was a pretty positive sign of my mental turnaround. It was then when I realized I hadn’t thought of my ex in a while. Wait a minute, I thought. Is this a rebound?”