Rock Lobster Food Co. Has Made Its Way to Sobey’s (and we went along to celebrate!)

If you enjoy the amazing seafood cuisine at Rock Lobster restaurants (and who doesn’t?!), you’ll be happy to know that Matt Dean Pettit—owner, founder, and chef behind Rock Lobster—now offers some of his famous food exclusively at Sobey’s grocery stores. That’s right. We’re talkin’ takeout lobster. Appropriately named Matty’s Seafood, take-home options include two popular… Read More »

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Versay kegs: You can now drink wine on tap!

Can you imagine swimming in a vat of wine? And if you can, do you like it? I love it. Because I love wine. Now, thanks to Versay, we are all one step closer to this beautiful dream. Versay isn’t putting its wine in small, impossible-to-bathe-in bottles—they’re using kegs! And while kegs aren’t quite big enough for me to swim in, they still… Read More »

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