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What My STI Taught Me About My Sexuality

Picture this: you just got your heart broken by the man of your dreams and as a result you’ve been too upset to play the field. Finally, after a huge dry spell filled with bouts of dejection, along comes a lovely man as intelligent as he is sexy. You date and have great sex for… Read More »


The UnSlut Project: One woman’s brave publication of her preteen diary

When I heard about The Unslut Project, a tumblr account which aims to combat slut shaming by posting the entries of a preteen’s diary, I was intrigued. There is something so exciting about other people’s diaries. The secrets hidden in their pages. The stories that slowly unfold over individual entries. The biased, earnest narration and unabashed honesty. The UnSlut Project has all of it and more. Writing under… Read More »