I’m not an astrology expert, but I do appreciate a great horoscope when I read one. A stellar horoscope feels like celestial wisdom has being brought down to Earth and personalized to meet me exactly where I am, giving me a feeling of clarity and power.

I don’t believe they’re magic, but like a tarot reading, horoscopes can prompt me to think about my situation in a way I wouldn’t have on my own. It grants me a new perspective, and that’s always helpful, no matter what’s going on.

Here are 6 of my favourite online horoscopes.

Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone

Susan Miller, longtime astrologer (and In Style columnist), started her astrology site in 1995 and has amassed a committed following since. Her monthly forecasts are a prime example of quantity and quality – she writes between 30,000 and 48,000 words for each sign each with intention you can feel. Download her app, Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope, for deeper insights from this seasoned expert.

Weekly Numinous Horoscopes

Brooklyn-based astrologer Sandra Strong Eye Sitron writes a weekly series offering “a symbolic week-ahead reading for your sign.” Your week is explained using a metaphor like a spirit animal, a type of building, a symbol in the natural environment, and how you can channel its energies. If you’re the kind of person who looks for signs in your daily environment, you’ll like this fodder.

Spiral Nature’s Hidden Insights

This weekly horoscope packs a lot of actionable personal development value and is ideal for the short-of-time (or attention). It’s written by tarot reader/writer Liz Worth, who shares a breakdown of planetary goings-on then dives into a brief, to-the-point rundown. She also shares a weekly tip like a mantra, an ideal crystal, a question to meditate on, etc. for some homework.

The Hoodwitch Weekly Horoscopes

Bri Luna and the Hoodwitch team have mastered their mission to provide “everyday magic for the modern mystic,” if you ask me (and Vogue and Vice). The site is deliciously exciting to peruse and Bri Luna is stylish AF (her majestic manicures will give you life). Find out how to protect yourself, how to rally your energy, where you should focus your thoughts and other interpersonal tips.

The Cut’s Madame Clairvoyant Weekly Horoscopes

Madame Clairvoyant is the alter-ego of Claire Comstock-Gaye who previously wrote for The Toast and The Rumpus. A self-proclaimed fake astrologer, this fiction writer says she reads people rather than stars. “I think of a handful of, say, Capricorns that I know — the more unconnected to each other, the better — and I ask myself: What do these people want right now? What do they need to hear? There’s always some point of intersection.” Her horoscopes are thoughtful, with the tone of a savvy advice columnist.

Your Broadly Horoscope

Annabel Gat is the staff astrologer at Broadly, Vice’s sister site. She lets you know exactly what’s happening in the stars, how you’ll feel, and how to deal. Reading it is like chatting with a girlfriend. It’s a daily horoscope for the instant-gratification inclined, but Gat spares no genuine wisdom and wit.