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WORN Fashion Journal Presents: The Black Cat Ball 2013

It’s official: WORN Fashion Journal’s annual Black Cat Ball has been voted the best fashion event in the city by NOW Magazine. Come celebrate the launch of their new issue with a black-and-white (fur) ball at Dovercourt House on Nov. 23rd. There will be a $1 raffle featuring AMAZING prizes from the likes of The Believer, Come As You Are, Drawn & Quarterly, Etsy, Hailo and MORE, newbies and oldies from DJ Teddy K, and the coolest cats in Toronto. (Note: People, not real cats. This is not a cat cafe. Wornettes, next time make this a cat cafe.)

Tickets are $10 in advance, and include a copy of the new issue. WHAT A DEAL. Admission at the door is $15. Black-and-white attire desired but not demanded. See you there, kittens.



Tanvi Swar
Tanvi Swar

at first i thought you were telling mitch that i attempted to do this for your birthday and i was all LIES! but yes down.

Ena Ujic
Ena Ujic

Mitch Tanvi tempted to do this for my birthday...