Cat Tilt
198 Walnut Street (Queen and Shaw)

Next time you are walking along Queen Street, poking your head in TYPE and the PAPER PLACE, head South on Walnut Ave. Grab your dose of green at Tealish, and then saunter into Cat Tilt, the vibrant little hot box yoga boutique, to peruse the organic cottons, ass hugging pants and bright coloured trucker hats.Meow!

Before owner Alison Hamilton opened up a yoga biz, she grueled away in the world of advertising and used yoga ‘to balance the high paced lifestyle’.

It wasn’t long before she made the decision to switch gears and work with the yoga community. For those of us aware that the agency world is a wee bit more demanding then the sleepy cocktail afternoons on Mad Men, Hamilton’s decision is easy to understand.

It was a trip to LA that inspired her to specialize in apparel versus teaching, “…there were so many textures and styles that you could really
see people’s identity from what they wore to yoga class.”

Although starting a business isn’t easy, Hamilton’s the first to admit, ” I’ve totally abandoned my practice since I started.” That said, she does relish the perks, “I’ve hooked myself up with a gig where I can go to NYC and shop – for my own business – which RULES.”

Twirling around the carefully stocked boutique(with only 500 square feet – it has to be), many items caught our attention including the Harajuku Lovers

Tank (69.95), Perfectly Imperfect Organic Cotton Sweats (50 -200) and Aviator Nation hats (49.00). Wear them to a MOKSHA class and keep them on for brunch; versatile, comfy with a sprinkle of sass. Hamilton also brags about the stretchy black pants Cat Tilt hangs that rival the famous LL’s; now there’s a daring statement that could start a ‘cat’ fight – but instead we will opt for Namaste.