10 minute beaded necklace for absolute beginners

by michelle goldfinger

Bead Board (optional for those on a low budget: ruler)
Needle Nose Pliers *
Flat Nose Pliers *
Wire Cutters *
Tiger Tail (or fishing wire)**
Clasps (tip for cheepies: steal one from an old necklace you never wear anymore)
Spacing Beads**

* a lesser-quality but cheaper option is to get these at a hardware store
** you can get these at any local bead store. Note: if you need resources on bead stores in the Toronto area feel free to email michelle@margiejewellery.com

1. Measure tiger tail for desired length on the beading board (or with your ruler).

16” chocker
18 “ standard- women
20” + long
22” standard- men
Add at least 1 and ½ inches on each end of the tiger tail.

2. Cut the tiger tail.

3. Using your needle nose pliers, attach a jump ring to a clasp.

4. Add a crimp and then the clasp/jump-ring combination you did in step 2 to one end of the tiger tail.

5. Take the end of the tiger tail and feed it through the crimp, creating a loop. Smush the crimp with your needle nose pliers, securing the clasp.

6. String on beads and spacer beads in any combination, until you reach about ½ of an inch from the end of the necklace.

7. Place a crimp at the end of your necklace and smush it with flat nosed pliers to secure the beads in place.

8. Add another crimp and then jump-ring. Take the end of the tiger tail and feed it through the crimp, creating a loop. Smush the crimp with flat nose pliers, securing the jump ring.

9. Cut any extra tiger tail at both ends with wire cutters.


Michelle Goldfinger’s passion for jewellery started when she was 18 years old.  She first began making jewellery for family and friends.   

Michelle believes that any artisan/craftsperson must be constantly learning new techniques and skills in order to perfect his/her craft.  She believes in life-long learning; therefore, her work is constantly evolving. 

Michelle uses both metal and glass in her pieces in order to highlight the interaction of colour and form between the two materials.  History, archaeology, archives and cultural ephemera immensely inspire her; she integrates these interests into her jewellery. 

Michelle Goldfinger:  jewellery artist, entrepreneur and aspiring philanthropist.  She is intrigued by the notion of community and its relevance in wider culture.  After obtaining a Masters degree in Information Studies (MISt) at The University of Toronto, she decided to combine her education, business skills and passion and started MaRGie Jewellery & Gifts.  In 2007, Michelle opened MaRGie Jewellery Studio and began teaching classes in glass and metal arts.    

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