2009 calls for a classic cut at Vidal Sassoon.

by Jen McNeely
Years ago it was brought to my attention that nothing signifies ‘new beginnings’ or change like a new do’. The conversation went as follows:

"Oh oh, you changed your hair. That’s not a good sign. Does that mean you’re dumping me?"
And with my new blunt cut I replied with an assured, "Yes."

Like moving on from a crap relationship, a new year beckons a new look to start things fresh.

2008 was full of whacked trends, a throwback to 1980’s ADD patterns and blinding neon. We wore shorts over stockings, painted our fingernails bright orange, thrashed around to electro and indulged in a variety of fruity martinis that made us see stars. Now with the recession in it’s second quarter and a chilling reality that life is not in fact always about over-the-top decadence, a classic look has received a welcomed return. In terms of hair, this means stop experimenting with trendy salons, where hairdressers take a razor to your head like a chocolate-buzzed child would finger paint a colouring book, and instead trust your head to the professionals. Quite simply, there is no better place to get a classic cut than Vidal Sassoon.

It was in the 1960’s when Vidal Sassoon emerged as cutting edge (sorry, but that pun just had to be used). The salon is most notable for creating the famous ‘bob’ which a couple years back was adopted into the ‘pob’, thanks to Posh Spice. Even in its modest beginnings, Vidal Sassoon divided a country, if you didn’t sport their ‘bob’, than you had a mop head a la Beatles. Clearly one look was better than the other…and if you are thinking ‘the mop,’ then may we suggest you start reading a different web site?

Nearly fifty years later, Vidal Sassoon is still regarded as the international best bet for good hair.

But it’s the recession…shouldn’t I just have my friend Cheryl chop my hair in her apartment?

NO! First of all, Cheryl probably has a hangover. Secondly, amidst her slicing your bangs she is likely checking texts, hollering at her mooch boyfriend and exclaiming how she’s going to ‘totally try out this new look she’s been wondering about’. NO NO NO.

Cheryl’s experiment could cost you two fix-up appointments, and leave you crying in a mirror.

Here’s what the experts at Sassoon have to say for achieving the best look this season:

The Cut
Sassoon’s Creative Director, Lorraine McAndrew, suggests sticking to timeless shapes like a shoulder-length bob, a blunt cut, or simply adding long layers. These cuts suit almost all face shapes and tend to grow out nicely, allowing you to extend your next visit to the salon. Also, getting a fringe is a great, chic alternative to change your look without doing anything too dramatic. As an added bonus, the salon offers free fringe trims.

The Colour
Sassoon’s Regional Colour Director, John Beeson, says that rather than focusing on what the hottest colours are for 2009, it is more important to consider the techniques being used. John suggests the method of using contrasting panels of colour in the hair as a dramatic, forward touch. But if this look is too daring for some, choosing a less contrasting colour that is closer to your natural shade is a safer option.

I have to admit, knowing that the Yorkville salon is home to many Rosedale kept women, I was slightly concerned I’d enter as a Queen West messy bed head and exit as an SUV driving yummy mummy. But I figured this was a much better option than appearing like a Big Bop tween raver. However, I left with the best results possible – thumbs up from my most fashion forward friends and mother alike, a look that transfers well from boardroom to Bovine Sex Club. Further, suddenly my old clothes feel like a new wardrobe and I’m discovering that my new do’ can swing from a 1960’s Air France stewardess to a 1985 NYC punk rocker to a 2009 Torontonian blogger with just a few tweaks of product. Now that’s classic!

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    can u please tell me where i can find a picture of the firefly cut? thanks

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