It’s that time of year again! It’s cold, grey and everyone is bitter that they can’t wear flip flops anymore (for those of you that still do this in winter, I’m judging you). Winter clothing is the most expensive form of protective gear. Down-filled jackets and wool coats are so pricey that you’d think Canadians would get a tax break on such necessary winter items.

Winter boots are arguably the most important item of winter; there is no denying their life-saving potential. Street practical: Toms. Pumps. Suede oxfords. Real-life practical: Rain-proofed. Thinsulate-lined. Wool-lined. Hundreds of dollars.

It gets shitty here in Toronto. Montreal gets even worse. Here are six useful boots that are not ugly and hopefully won’t fall apart in the snow. Remember to spray and condition your leather and suede boots so they last as long as possible. Invest now and save yourself later when you’re waiting for the bus that will never come. Thermal insoles also keep your feet warm and shouldn’t cost more than $8 for a basic pair at any shoe store.

Frye Dakota Wedge $178
Hunter Shoreditch Welly $240
Top Shop Alpaca Fur-lined Flat Boots $80
Roots Rollover Boot in Tribe $248
Tretorn Sofiero $85
Sorel Caribou $170

~ Erin Pehlivan