It’s that kind of sexy, sultry summer heat that always reminds us of this. When it gets this hot outside, you can’t do anything except sit around in your tiny clothes and drink something refreshing. Popsicle cocktail, anyone? We scoured the internet for the best recipes.

Blackberry Prosecco Popsicles
Endless Simmer created this mouthwatering recipe for a slushy treat with blackberries, prosecco, creme de cassis, and lime.

Salty Dog Popsicle
Brooklyn-based catering company Jewels of New York write a foodie column for Opening Ceremony’s blog, and they created two delicious popsicle cocktails. The Salty Dog popsicle combines gin and grapefruit for a deliciously tart and refreshing treat.

Booze-free Sparkling Elderflower Popsicles
Epicurious has the goods on how to make some delicious and booze-free homemade popsicles. We’re most excited to try the Sparkling Elderflower version.

Corona Beer Pops
Bakers Royale has the scoop on how to make Corona Beer Pops-we’d love to try this with different beers, like Fruli or Mill Street Wit.

Tangerine Rum Popsicles
These refreshing popsicles,, via Diablo Magazine, are pure summer.

Images courtesy of Endless Simmer and Opening Ceremony.