Warm and friendly as a nice cuppa, my teatime chat with Ingrid Gatin flew through the gates of your typical interview and into the lush green fields of genuinely enjoyable conversation.  Keep reading for a canoe tour along the Assiniboine, desert sounds, heart-to-hearts with second cousins, opening for Owen Pallett, and singing in Paris.  Upon her return to Winnipeg (take a look at her myspace for tour dates), Gatin records her new album, making brief soujourns – including a stop in Toronto for CMW!  Hurrah! 

And the music? For lovers of the satisfying french sound of Amélie-style accordion, the depth and throatiness of Florence Welch, the band-of-gypsies feel of Beirut. 

I’ve heard you’ve toured in a canoe!
Yes!  Down the Assiniboine.  It was my friend Dave’s project; the idea being the river provides for us and can bring us to new places, both geographically- and musically-speaking. 

Describe your sound in five words
Accordion, soul, gypsy, indie, roots. 

Describe for me the best show you’ve ever played
I love every show!  Every show is something totally unique to me.  I think that’s the whole point – different shows, different connections with different people. 

What’s the absolute best reaction you could get to your music?
I just got it!  Someone said that he was really interested in being an artist since listening to my music.  It was my second cousin, actually.  He told me I’d made him realize he could do it, too.  And that’s the best thing.  Hearing people being inspired into creativity. 

If you could score a film, which film would you choose?  (Or… make one up).
I absolutely would love to do The English Patient.  I’m really into sound from India, and desert sounds.  Also Great Expectations.  It’s just so beautiful. 

Which five cities would you include in a fantasy tour?
Paris.  Actually, let’s see.  There are a lot of other amazing French cities.  Hmm.  Barcelona.  Budapest.  Montréal.  NYC.  But I want somewhere in Mexico, too! 

Strawberry Fields or Penny Lane?
Strawberry Fields 

How do you take your eggs?
Usually soft-poached. 

What is your ideal rainy day activity?
Well, it’s a rainy day today in Courtenay, BC!   We’ve sat inside with a wood fire burning.  I like playing music, playing with kids.  There’s a hot tub here!  And we made muffins!! 

What is your favourite childhood television series?
We didn’t really have TV, but as I got older I really liked Pinky and the Brain.   

What’s your best concert(-going) experience?
Ohh, this is a hard one!  Winnipeg has a lot, so I see a lot of music.  Oh!  Once, I opened for Owen Pallett.  I got to sit there and get my mind blown.  Awesome. 

Where is your favourite place to sing?
I love singing in churches.  I travelled to Paris once with the Brandon choir, to sing in Notre-Dame de Paris.  They’ve got something like a 15-second echo, and the most beautiful sound. 

You have $1000 and ten minutes to spend it.  What do you do?
Ahh!  Pay back debt!  Or buy a piano. 


~ Annie Webber