A Velvet Bathing Suit?!
Like, woah. A gorgeous – gor. geous. – bathing suit to start, the fact that this piece of swimwear is made of velvet teeters precariously between complete impracticality and utter FABULOUSITY. Let us weigh in on this. It is a halter cut – aka the most flattering neckline possible. It sits low on the legs – at once forgiving, fashion-forward and retrospective (a feat in and of itself). There is ruching across the chest – good news for the busty among us looking to flaunt their wares AND our flat-as-a-pancakes compatriots looking to emphasize what really never existed in the first place. And of course, it is made of velvet. The most supple, feminine, luxurious material known to the mortal world (minus cashmere – but that’s insane… or is it…?). Hmm. With great thought and consideration of all elements of this piece of sartorial mastery, this suit gets ten seaside head-turns out of ten. Also, Ariel’s seal of approval. Anyone scandalous enough to traipse around in a mainsheet would give the go-ahead on velvet on the beach.

Bathing Beauty One Piece in Blue Velvet