Autumn is almost upon us and with cooler temps, our brains are revving up again. That’s why we were psyched to discover these positively MAGICAL workshops happening at Assembly (8-198 Walnut Ave.) this fall/winter.

Check it out:

Statement Earrings (Sept. 26): Learn how to make your very own set of brass statement earrings. You will be able to create basic shapes in brass with the disc cutter and shear and will be introduced to different hammering and stamping techniques that will add character, texture and personalization to your metal pieces.

Moon Magick | How To Live by the Phases of the Moon: (Oct. 3) Every phase of the moon affects you. Every new and full moon can open you up to new opportunities, healing, and transformation – if you know how to use it. The moon is also how you can connect to your soul, your intuition, and your deepest sense of purpose. It’s where your magic happens. Following and honouring the phases of the moon is a simple but powerful way to create more balance, flow, and success in your life.

Autumnal Forage & Bloom: A Timberlost Workshop: (Oct. 11) Learn to compose your own arrangement using the best blooms and foraged materials that fall has to offer: wild berries, grapes, vines, changing leaves, wildflowers, local dahlias, roses, rose hips, zinnias and so much more will be at your fingertips. Composition guidelines and colour theory will be instructed as well as how to curate from your landscape. 

Beginners Weaving: (Nov. 4) Learn basic techniques, patterns and tricks to begin your first weave. There will be physical examples and books for you to flip through to evoke some inspiration and to see a finished product. This isn’t enough time to complete your piece, but by the end of the class you will feel comfortable weaving at home.

Find full workshop listings and more information here.