The spring ahead of us is the longest one yet. Having a page-turner to sink into and get lost in is a necessary escape. 
 Alone: A love story is a a memoir about falling in love, the fallout of infidelity, and everything messy in between—the perfect book to pull you away from pandemic life.  It’s currently listed as one of Indigo’s top “Most Anticipated Biography/Memoirs” and if you head to their site now, you can get in on the sweet 40% off pre-order deal. DO IT. 
We have interviewed author Michelle Parise a few times in the past; we’re big fans of her podcast (along with 6 million others), and admire her unapologetic truth telling, and daring spirit. Her stories, and thoughts, eerily echo many of our own private desires. 
Adrift and on the edge of forty – fuelled by grief, booze, and one-night stands – Michelle battles the monster she calls Loneliness, juggling being a part-time parent and part-time partier. Though dangerously close to rock bottom, Michelle takes a chance on love again with a dashing but complicated man – The Man with the White Shirt.

Michelle, an expert in “emotional forensics,” dives into the wreckage with candour and humour, uncovering a story about falling in and out of love, divorce, single parenthood, and the messy world of dating. What she finds, beneath it all, is life and the courage to face it alone.

Gutsy, searingly honest, and full of heart, Michelle‘s beautiful memoir about mid-life fuckery reveals an exciting opportunity for self discovery amidst a wild unravelling. 
From now until April 12 (hurry!), you can pre-order Alone: A Love Story for 40% off the list price on the Indigo website