For the past fifteen years, Rebecca Wood has been one of Toronto’s most sought after wedding photographers. Though she’s grown a sizable business, Wood is an artist first and foremost—and a big believer in experimenting with traditions. “I know that a wedding can be so much more interesting, visually, and the story of the couple woven in more thoughtfully,” she says, while putting the final touches on andWeBecome, a pop-up (1112 Queen East) that will bring together Toronto event creatives (fashion, floral, beauty, food) and invite the public to experience a different kind of wedding show. 

The idea has been brewing in Wood’s brain for quite some time, “I always wanted there to be a printed publication, like a wedding magazine, that wasn’t the run-of-the-mill thing we see on the magazine rack at Shopper’s”, she says. That wish never materialized, so when a storefront space became available, Wood took it upon herself to create her own thing. Instead of a magazine though, she’s showcasing the best in the biz with a one-of-a-kind exhibit. “When you walk in, it will feel more like an art installation, and not like a wedding show.” The show will feature photography and videography from Rebecca Wood, women’s fashion from Loversland, beauty and grooming from Bespoke Beauty, lingerie from Melmira, florals from Patchouli Design, catering from Victor Dries and much more. 

With a rich history in the industry, Wood has seen a lot of shifts in recent years, from brides choosing to forego the white dress in exchange for colourful haute couture, to a couple’s love story being shared in a more artful way. “I would say that over the past five years—but really in the past two-three years—the personal narrative of the couple is more noticeably considered. Weddings are no longer cookie-cutter. People are open to rethinking things and being inspired… I’m hoping that by doing this, presenting people who work in the wedding industry, that it will really engage couples and planners to continue to think creatively—push them further to figure out how to create a celebratory space for their guests.” 

Having known Wood since her art-school days, and watching her talent explode over the past decade, we can guarantee this will be a show you won’t soon forget. Long gone are the days when Ashley’s and The Bay were the only places to get a registry! Creative options for Toronto couples are endless.

andWeBecome opening reception will take place Friday January 24th, 6-9 p.m. at 1112 Queen Street East, Leslieville. Show will run Saturday January 25th to January 31st, 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.