Wednesday’s hideous weather display was actually sort of prescient: tonight is Toronto Fashion Christmas! By which we mean, it’s Vintage Crawl Toronto.

Now in its third year, Vintage Crawl Toronto offers all your favourite things: snacks, sales, and so many funny old hats to try on and imagine the kind of life where you’re interesting enough to wear one of those hats in your daily travels and not look like you’re “trying.” Tons of vintage boutiques and pop ups are open til midnight tonight for shopping, mingling and snapping. There’s also live music, art installations, cocktails, photo booths… whatever! Every store does something different and fun and this year there are over 35 stores participating!

Head out from 7pm to 12am to any (or all!) the following vintage vendors:

69 Vintage 1100 Queen St. W
A Homerun 165 Augusta Ave.
Anice Jewellery 167 Augusta Ave.
Armed 1024 Dundas St. W
Arts Market 846 College St.
Bridge + Bardot 1138 Dundas St. W
Bright Brown Vintage @ the Henhouse 1532 Dundas St. W
Bungalow 273 Augusta Ave.
BYOB Cocktail Emporium 972 Queen St. W
Cabaret Vintage 672 Queen St. W
Chosen Vintage 960 Queen St. W
Cinderella Vintage 56B Kensington Ave.
Common Sort (Parkdale) 1414 Queen St. W
Courage My Love 14 Kensington Ave.
Door Number Two Vintage 294 Roncesvalles Ave.
Emporium by I Miss You Vintage 63 Ossington Ave.
Frou Frou Vintage 1616 Queen St. W
House of Vintage 1239 Queen St. W
Life of Manek 1504 Dundas St. W
Magwood 886 Queen St. W
Mama Loves You 541 Queen St. W
Nouveau Riche @ Leesa Berry Haircutting 264A Dunn Ave.
One Heart Design 77 Kensington Ave.
Penny Arcade 1177 Dundas St. W
Philistine 928 Queen St. W
Print Fine Vintage 834A College St.
Ransack The Universe 1207 Bloor St. W
Rescue Vintage 102 Ossington Ave.
Silver Falls 15 Ossington Ave.
Soop Soop 1315 Dundas St. W
Stella Luna 1627 Queen St. W
Sub Rosa 16 Kensington Ave.
The Chief Salvage Co. 1493 Dundas St. W
The Public Butter 1290 Queen St. W
Three Fates 1394 Queen St. W
Tusk 15 Ossington Ave.
V S P Consignment 1594 Dundas St. W
Vibes 45 Kensington Ave.