When Shoppers Drug Mart created Murale, a prestige beauty destination with fave brands like Bobbi Brown and Stila, a brow bar, and highly trained aesthetic experts to demystify your most pressing beauty questions, we were excited. When they launched online, making our favourite beauty products available 24/7, even from our phone, we were even more excited. And now, the Fab & Free event gives us yet another reason to stock our shelves with exclusive items. The best part? You earn Shoppers Optimum points on everything you buy. 

Starting now, when you spend $125 or more at Murale, you’ll receive a Fab & Free tote stocked with over $315 worth of samples! These 24 samples will reflect the best of Murale’s carefully curated beauty selection, and the offer is valid in-store and online, so you can score the samples no matter how you get your beauty fix. Murale even has a mobile site, so you can shop from pretty much anywhere.

The tote also comes with a coupon that you can use on your next visit: Bring it in to the store between April 22nd-May 19th and earn 20, 000 Optimum points when you spend $125 on Fab & Free products at any Murale location. Amazing? Amazing.