For as long as I can remember, a Barbie pink lip has been my favourite thing in the world. Unfortunately, years of lipstick use and abuse have left my lips dried up and gross. Preferring a nice matte finish, I’ve never been into balms. Sure, they moisturize, but do they add anything interesting to my look? I think not!

I was running out of options. I kept trying lipstick after lipstick, but each one left my lips in bits. I even began exfoliating on a daily basis and using a lip conditioner at night, but this was far too much of a routine for me to maintain. But then I discovered the Maybelline Baby Lips balm. It was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $4, so there was nothing left to lose. And I fell in love. There are only six shades to choose from, but what it lacks in variety it certainly makes up for in quality, with SPF protection and eight hours of hydrating action. It moisturizes all day long and the colour is pretty damn vibrant for a balm. I particularly like the Pink Punch shade, which reminds me of a less pigmented and more wearable version of my very favourite MAC shade, Saint Germain. So come on, Barbie, let’s go party!