Every year, we ask girls from universities across the country to give us their best tips for living, studying, and partying on and off campus.

Business major Kathryn is the social media manager of the York Marketing Association, an Athletic Commitee Member on the Calumet College Council, and a residence Don. She just got back from exchange in France, which you can read about on her blog.

Best thing about your program: 

Mandatory exchange semester abroad – I just came back from Rouen, France! Practicing French, enjoying new and exciting cuisine, travelling all over Europe and even taking a course on the wine industry; just a few of the things that made it an experience I’ll never forget.

Biggest challenge in your program: 

Group work. While this kind of work is fun and rewarding at times, managing three or more different group projects with different people all at the same time gets rather challenging, in terms of both time and workload balance.

Favourite non-academic activity:

The York University intramurals program. I love sports, especially basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer, and through our intramural program I can play all of these and more – even crazy sports like inner-tube waterpolo and broomball!

One really amazing memory from first year: 

I learned in first year that hard work and dedication can really pay off when a business plan that started as a class project took my teammates and I all the way to Vancouver, British Columbia, to compete as Top 12 Finalists in the Enterprize Business Plan competition. We were the youngest team there and while we didn’t end up taking home the top prize, it was an opportunity I never dreamed I would get, not to mention an experience I will always remember. 

What do you love about your school?

The cultural diversity at York is amazing and has really opened my eyes to the world. The openness and acceptance at York for anyone different in any way (race, culture, sexual orientation, ability, etc.) is something that all of humanity should look to model. York has given me the inspiration to see that a diverse group of people collaborating together can do pretty much anything.

What would you love to change about your school?

One thing I would love to change about my school would be to increase the level of school spirit. The lack of York-specific spirit I’ve seen over my years here is saddening because we are such a huge school with so much to be proud of. It would be awesome to see the stands full at our home football games someday!  


Class: Brand Marketing

Bar: The Madison Ave. Pub (a.k.a. The Maddy)

Place to study: ‘The Collaboratory’ in Scott Library

Place to eat: Messini (Greek food on the Danforth) or Toni Bulloni’s (Italian food in Yorkville)

Green space on campus: Stong Pond

Any other tips for newbies?

Get involved in some extra-curriculars. I can’t say this enough. Regardless of whether you commute or live on residence, take that first step to find things you love and then, a way to make sure you fit them into your life. You won’t regret it.

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