Backyard cocktail tutorial with Thirsty Traveler's Kevin Brauch and Shedoesthecity's Liza Hicks

When it’s this hot out, we undress and drink vodka.

With a helping hand from drink wizard Kevin Brauch of Food Network’s The Thirsty Traveler, Shedoesthecity’s Liza Hicks works the muddler and shows us how to easily shake up ABSOLUT Vodka cocktails that pair perfectly with poolside lounging.

Whether you want a light and refreshing ABSOLUT Greyhound or like to mix Haagen Dazs ice cream with vodka (ummm, YES!) for a Floating Dock, here are some simple and tasty recipes that take no time but will make you look like one serious cocktailian.

For more drink recipes check out www.absolut.com/ca.

Big thanks to Max Kopanygin for shooting and editing the video!

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