by Stephanie Daga 

It’s the catchy phrase being used everywhere … even Barack Obama recently remarked how the beautiful first lady was entitled to it.  Madonna has it, Kelly Ripa has it, and that girl at your gym who does biceps curls for days on end has it as well … “the right to bare arms!” 

As the summer months creep up on us, the tissue weight tanks tops and halter tops are being dusted off and gaining their own right to your top dresser drawer.  Baring your arms is what summer is all about; but if you are going to exercise your right, make sure you do it properly.  It’s not about the biceps, triceps, or perfectly sculpted shoulder – it’s about the underarm.  Yes, the underarm.  Stubble is certainly not attractive, but neither is razorburn, sweat stains, or odor.  Be sure to give your underarms the proper care and attention they need. 

The makers of Secret antiperspirants and deodorants have partnered up with Olay to bring to you Secret Flawless Touch Conditioning Solid.  It’s a touch of Olay moisturizing to pamper and smooth the skin combined with Secret’s wetness protection. The formula goes on clear, dries to a powder (but not chalky) finish and conditions the skin while keeping unwanted odors at bay. It’s two major powerhouses coming together to make the unseen part of your arms touchable, soft, and dry.  How novel! 

The Flawless Collection replaces Secret’s former Platinum Collection but still provides all the same benefits.  In three forms: Invisible Solid, Conditioning Solid, and Clear Crystal Gel, there is a formula perfect for you to keep you smelling fresh and protected throughout your busy day! 

Now that’s a right I’m willing to fight for!