If you ask me (which I realize you didn’t, but work with me here), the less steps involved in having a flawless face, the better. So if given the opportunity to condense my current three-step process of attempting to have “perfect” skin into one simple step, I’ll take it.

La Roche-Posay has condensed my current moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunscreen routine into one little bottle of BB Creme. I realize that BB Cremes have been kicking around for a while now, but La Roche-Posay has taken its sweet time to perfect the formula, which might I add is paraben-free (that’s good for your skin, y’all!).

La Roche’s BB provides sheer coverage and can mask redness—which in the winter months is pretty ideal—and you can layer it for more coverage if needed. It’s available in two shades (light and medium), so it also blends into just about every skin tone and leaves your face feeling smooooth. Plus, this BB kind of smells good which is a total added bonus.

Speaking of added bonuses, while I was learning about the super dreamy BB Creme, I may have let it slip that I rarely (read: never) wash my face before bed, which GASP! shocks people who work in the beauty industry. So La Roche-Posay was kind enough to introduce me to the second product of my dreams: Physiological Micellar Solution. Essentially, it’s like a water that you can put onto a cotton pad—while lounging in bed—that will remove all your makeup, make your skin feel fresh and soft, and won’t leave your skin really oily like other makeup removers. C’est un miracle!

Moral of this story is that I am a lazy human being and La Roche-Posay is trying to make my life easier (and is succeeding at it) and I like that about them.

La Roche-Posay’s BB Creme retails for $29 at your local drugstore and will be available as of March 6.