by Louisa Cohen

When it rains in Vancouver, it pours; and lately its being raining like dolla’ bills in a Weezy video. Sometimes you have to be creative and try something new to beat the doldrums on a rainy Sunday…this past Sunday, I decided to try something new – I got a little rough.

I’m lying face down, naked, soothing music is playing in background of a dimly lit room, my body is slicked with lube, and I am in the throes of pleasure and pain, my mind is all mixed up, so bad it’s good. I’m not sure whether to cry out, and stop what’s going on – or just ride it out…

“Is it too hard, am I hurting you?”
I reply, “Ahh, NO, no no…Ow.. oh..its okay.. it hurts – but it feels really good, I know I need it…keep going…I can take it.”
“I promise I’ll make you feel good.”

Make no mistake; this conversation took place between me, and sweetly small, and somewhat plump Asian lady named Anna – at Big Feet Reflexology & Massage on Granville Street. For a mere 36 bones plus tip I was able to indulge in a one hour body massage that was just the way I like it, rough – and I’ve got the bruises to prove it.

Don’t expect bells and whistles like detoxifying smoothies, or a perfectly serene environment… but if you are looking for a good pummeling (and aren’t we all once in a while?) you should definitely pay a visit.

Best part is… I don’t have to worry about waiting for Anna to call me… I can call anytime – and see her again, and again.

Big Feet is located at 7950 Granville Street. Phone: 604-266-6080.