There is nothing more essential to a summer wardrobe than denim. This year we’re spotting our favourite fabric in a multitude of styles, which allows us to experiment and play around with blue jean. Sure, there will always be a classic pair of jeans hanging in our closet, but when the temperature starts to rise, we’re finding ways to get creative in the heat while still sporting denim. Behold, six other ways to wear jean this summer.

  1. Topshop Moto Spot Swing Skirt. Remember when tattered American Eagle minis were all the rage? Well, we’re thankful that denim skirt trend is over, but we’re definitely not ready to let go of the denim skirt. Topshop’s swingy skirt is playful in the shape and covered in polka dots, making it even more fun. For all of your go-to T-shirt and jean outfits, replace the jeans with this skirt and suddenly everything will feel new again. $60, Topshop.
  2. Levi Strauss Vintage 501s. There is nothing more authentic than a pair of Levis 501 cut-offs. For the weekends when you’re away from the office and playing around the city, this pair is the perfect thing to have in your closet to toss on and hit the town. Easy, breezy, beautiful, denim. (P.S. you can easily make your own.) $45, Aritzia.
  3. Forever 21 Stonewash denim shirt. Perhaps you’re not ready to wear a Canadian tuxedo just yet. If so, this sleeveless button-up is a simple way to add a little bit more jean into your closet. It will look good with a pair of floral shorts or worn open over your favourite summer dress. $28, Forever 21.
  4. Zara Denim Jumper. I triple dog dare you to embrace overalls this year! Instead of being the baggy style that we were constantly wearing in the ’90s, the overall has returned in a fitted silhouette, giving the trend a second life. I, for one, am very excited about the overalls’ return to fame. $80, Zara.
  5. Banana Republic Back Zip Denim Shirt. Denim T-shirt? Sign us up! This would be the perfect top to pair with some coloured/printed pants or a light summer skirt. It’s a simple change up for the plain white tee. $85, Banana Republic.
  6. Old Navy Denim Jacket. Almost as classic as a pair of blue jeans is a denim jacket. Much like jeans, a jean jacket is a key closet investment because it is timeless. Bonus: You can get it at lower price points like this basic one from Old Navy! $35, Old Navy.