UGG gave a group of Toronto womxn (including Meg from our team) a very fun summer assignment: create a look inspired by a pair of UGG slides and enjoy an afternoon rediscovering the city they love. 
Cruising through neighbourhoods, from Leslieville to The Junction, the group was tasked with visiting a dozen or so local small businesses.  Beloved stops included Bobette & Belle, Mira Mira, Type Books, Cops Doughnuts, Aunty Lucy’s Burgers, Crown Flora Studio, Milky’s Coffee, and more. Honestly, after months of staying really close to home, an opportunity to bike from one end of the city to the other, as things start to open up in Stage 3, felt like a vacation.
With serious 90s vibes, and in a slew of fun colours, there is literally no summer fashion item more playful to style than these outrageously fluffy UGG slides. How would you wear them? Enter our contest now, and you could win a pair + a beautiful Dutch-style bike! It’s a dream win.
So much inspo…