On April 10th, H&M will launch the 2014 Conscious Collection as well as a very special Conscious Exclusive collection in select stores. Since these collections are all about creating a more sustainable future for the fashion industry, we thought we’d also remind you that the H&M Garment Collecting Initiative is an ongoing initiative that  happens all year round. ALL YEAR ROUND!

Every day, unwanted or used textiles are tossed into landfill sites when up to 95% could be re-worn, re-used or recycled. If  you’re heading to H&M this week, to shop the Conscious Exclusive and Conscious Collection (you should, they’re GORGEOUS!) may we suggest you also bring in a bag of your unwanted garments or home textiles (the condition doesn’t matter – and neither does the brand!) …and help bring new life to old clothes and home textiles.

The textiles are separated in three groups:

  • Rewear – clothing that can be worn again is sold as second-hand goods worldwide
  • Reuse – textiles that are no longer suitable to wear and converted into other products, such as cleaning cloths
  • Recycle – textiles that can’t be reused can be turned into textile fibres or used to manufacture products such as insulating materials for the auto industry

To learn more about this initiative visit www.hm.com/longlivefashion

**BONUS** Starting April 10th, shoppers who reuse their H&M Conscious shopping bag when shopping at H&M will receive an additional 10% off purchases!

Forward thinking for a more sustainable future in fashion is imperative; H&M has become a global leader in this area and has done so without compromising style. We *ADORE* the stunning Conscious Exclusive and 2014 Conscious Collection and think you will too.