Brody learns that feelings are… a bitch.

LC moves into an advisory role, Audrina sharpens her claws on Playboy Jayde, and Steph Pratt…makes sense?

10:03 – Jayde may have the faker boobs, but Audrina has the faker tan. WHAT NOW?
10:06 – Oh my god…girl group off! Cross fingers for some choreographed bitch-dancing.
10:07 – "I made a mistake…and I invited it to the barbecue." Ohhh Brody. Stick to "feelings are feelings."
10:09 – More just happened in the first 10 minutes of this episode then all season long. And NOW she’s power-drinking the Jagermeister.
10:13 – YES! Dr. Muppet returns. Unfortunately, these two are both too self-obsessed to let her talk.
10:15 – Dear Audrina: When Steph Pratt is the voice of reason, you need to worry a little bit. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
10:17 – OH MY GOD Spencer’s totally going to end up doing it with the therapist! TWIST!
10:23 – "You know where my feelings lie, and those feelings lie with Jayde. And those feelings are feelings. Feel me?"

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