Any girl with a healthy addiction to makeup knows costs can add up fast. I know the magical feeling of pulling out your brand new brush set for a dreamy contour. I too have felt the thrill of the first swipe of a new lipstick. Most importantly, I am familiar with the sting an overzealous love for makeup can leave on a bank account. One trip to Sephora and I’m left with 75% more glow and 100% less cash. But it doesn’t have to be this way! This is why I am sharing my tried and true tips for feeding that addiction on a budget.

If you’re going trendy, go drugstore

I’m fairly certain Instagram is to blame for my massive lipstick collection (88 and going strong). Every time I see a wild colour, I just have to have it. Even though I know I’ll only wear a navy lipstick twice, three times max, I need to own it. That is why I’ve learned that when it comes to trendy makeup (i.e., anything that isn’t going to remain in your go-to bag), head to the drug store. NYC lipstick is pretty amazing quality and $1.99, just sayin’.

Actually, just go drugstore

Find me an incredible high-end product and (most of the time) I can give you a less expensive twin. This is not to say I never splurge on things I use constantly (Urban Decay Naked anyone?), but I know if I head over to the beauty section at The Bay, I’m leaving with a $70 foundation I might not even like. That’s why MakeupAlley has quickly become my best friend. They have UGC reviews on every product known to (wo)man, and users often provide their suggestions for cheaper alternatives.

Online = sales galore

While the idea of buying makeup online seems odd at first and lacks the satisfying immediacy of purchasing in-store for a night out, if you’re willing to wait, it could save you money. Websites such as e.l.f. offer up to 50% off of their already inexpensive makeup, and if you’re looking to splurge on a great brush set, brands like Sigma will hold sales on fan favourites. Even online shopping at Sephora comes with perks, as they regularly pair your order with free gifts and samples you’d otherwise have to awkwardly ask for in-store.

Know the cheap HG classics

If you don’t know what HG (Holy Grail) stands for, you’re less of a makeup addict than I thought. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled some of the cheap, Holy Grail beauty products the Internet goes nuts over:

  • L.F. Studio HD Finishing Powder: This finishing powder keeps your makeup in place on hot days and has a finish akin to a velvety dream. Oh, and it retails at $6.00.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Foundation: Cited as one of Kim Kardashian’s personal faves, this foundation has some serious staying power, comes in a range of shades and blends perfectly into your skin. Retails at $8.96.
  • Revlon Matte & Lacquer Balms: These balms go on like a dream, have amazing pigmentation, come in every colour you could want and even the matte versions leave your lips soft and moisturized. Retails at $9.49.
  • L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara: For serious volume at a not-so-serious price, look to this classic. Retails at $6.97.