CUTICLE OIL IS EVERYTHING. This is my new life motto, and a lesson learned the hard way after a year of trial-and-error DIY shellacking, followed by nail stickers, followed by tears over destroyed nail beds and culminating with regular salon visits to remedy the self inflicted damage.

I’ve encountered various incarnations of cuticle oil in boutiques and drug stores in the past, but always chalked it up to being a money grab. How could I have been so misguided?

I’ve now been using it religiously for two weeks and my hands have never looked or felt better. In fact, I’ve stopped trimming my cuticles altogether (no more ouchies!) as the oil keeps them hydrated and shapely on their own!

This formula from Sephora contains primrose oil, aloe very extract (my go-to magical remedy for everything!) and vitamin F. It also doesn’t hurt that the applicator dispenses just the right amount of product, so your fingers never feel greasy or sticky, making it an easy addition to a busy day!